Hi, I’m ChammyIRL!

Ayup, I’m ChammyIRL though everyone just calls me Chammy.

I’ve technically been streaming since 2014 but that was very sporadic and crap due to the quality of my equipment. I decided to give it a proper go in February 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

I mostly play retro games from waaaaaaaaaay back in the day and jump on an MMO once or twice a week (usually WoW) but I’m open to a variety of games, just not “shooters”. I hail from Sheffield, in the UK, and boy can you tell by my accent. I work from home as a blogger and online freelancer when I’m not streaming as well as being a mother to Eban and wife to Virtual Wombat. I enjoy my rock/metal/alternative music…I’m a bit of an emo. As well as relaxing in front of the TV with something sci-fi/fantasy one…especially if it involves vampires!

If you want to know more then you can grab me on social media or drop me an email to chammy@chammyirl.co.uk.

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I stream most week days with some bonus streams evenings and weekends. This schedule is in UK time so you’ll have to adjust for your region.

Monday: 10am – 3pm

Tuesday: 10am – 3pm

Wednesday: 10am – 4pm

Thursday: 10am – 3pm

Friday: 10am – 2pm