Discord Information and FAQs

Welcome to the Gaming Guide to the Galaxy community. We’re so happy to have you here. As with any place that has members at its focus we have a mountain of information for you in this post. Please make sure you’re familiar with all of the rules and general information, if you’re a streamer then please read any additional information about being a streamer.

Information For All Members

The Gaming Guide to the Galaxy aims to be a friendly and safe place for all of its members. We boast a large number of channels meaning there is something for everyone from topical chats to memes, please feel free to use all the channel – if there is a channel missing then let us know and we’ll consider adding it. Added channels are monitored and if not used they are removed (with the exception of the main channels).

General Discord Rules

In order to keep the community a safe and inclusive place, we have a few general rules that are to be followed throughout the entire Discord.
  1. Be Kind. Don’t go out of your way to offend anyone or be aggressive. We are very diverse, let’s be proud of that!
  2. Keep the profanity to a minimum, no unnecessary rudeness. Swearing is fine, as long as it’s not directed to someone as a way of being offensive.
  3. No porn, nudes, hentai (especially the tentacle kind). Just keep it clean.
  4. Feel free to post any work you do (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) in the #share-your-work channel! Try to share other people’s stuff too – it’s only fair!
  5. Absolutely no advertising except where explicitly allowed, if in doubt ask a mod. (i.e. You can post links to your works in #share-your-work, but only things you have made)
  6. Don’t abuse the @everyone tag. It’s annoying!

Voice Channel Information & Rules

The GGG community loves nothing more than a good evening of banter so we like to make sure there are enough rooms for all purposes. Please find more information below.

General Banter

  • This voice room is for any and all members. If you are using this channel please be aware that members can enter and leave at any time.
  • Please be polite and respectful
  • Do not live stream while in this channel, people in there may not want to be heard on your stream

Community Live

  • These channels are for community members who wish to use a voice channel while live on stream
  • Do not enter these channels without prior invitation
  • Please respect the streamer and their channel – streamers please feel free to report unwanted activity to a member of the mod/admin team
  • As the community grows more Community Live channels will be opened where needed

Chammy, MrTogatsu & VirtualWombat Live

  • These channels are locked to everyone except the mod/admin team and are used by Chammy, MrTogtsu and VirtualWombat
  • They are generally used during Friday night community nights
  • To be brought into the channel please sit in the Waiting Room until you are pulled in
  • If the streamer is welcoming people in on a non-community night then you may nudge them that you’re in the waiting room but if they do not please don’t bug them to be moved in

Private Room

  • These rooms are reserved should members need a safe place to talk about any issues
  • Please do not enter these unless you have permission from the members in the channel

Music Bot

We use Rythm bot for our in Discord music needs.
During live streams the Rythm bot allows music to be played through a voice channel meaning everyone in the voice channel and the stream can hear the music being played.
  • This is available to everyone to use but please be mindful
  • If someone is in a voice channel and the Rythm bot is also in there then chances are they are using it so either check first or wait for them to no longer be in the voice channel
  • You need to manually adjust the volume of the bot, around the 4-8% mark seems perfect
  • Priority for this bot is given to the community night host on a Friday evening (from 8pm UK) so please be aware of that before using this bot

Here is a list of commands that everyone can use. Commands can only be used the “stream-song-request” channel.

!play [link or search query] Loads the specified track or playlist and adds it to the queue. If you would like to choose from the results, use -search [search query] instead.

!queue Displays the tracks currently in the queue.

!lyrics Displays the lyrics for the current track. If this cannot find your track, you may find better results by manually searching for it with -lyrics [input].

!np Displays info about the playing track.

Discord Roles

We have a few roles within the Discord so make sure you take note. All members are automatically assigned the @Member role when they join.

Managerial Roles

@Admin Team – This role consists of Chammy, VirtualWombat and MrTogatsu. These are guys in charge and the main people you want to speak to if you have any issues/suggestions.

@Mod Team – Probably really obvious but these guys are our most trusted members, They help us run things. At the moment you can contact food (Romie, he changes his name a lot), Masdaofdoom and HorribleHamish if you have any issues or questions.

Streamer Roles

All streamers can allocate themselves not only the @Streamer role but also the platform(s) they stream on. Giving themselves the Streamer role allows all streamers to be tagged in posts of interest to them (rather than tagging multiple roles) and also allows the admin to see how many streamers are on the platform in case of opportunities.
In addition to the streamer role, streamers can add @DLive Streamer, @Facebook Streamer, @Mixer Streamer, @Twitch Streamer and @YouTube Streamer to their profile which shows members where they stream. The order of the roles is alphabetical and in no way prioritising one platform over another.
The other role is @Partner which is purely for admin purposes so partners across the platforms can be noted.

Information For Streamers

Firstly, we are not a streaming community. We have no future plans to arrange raids, create stream teams or anything you associate with your average streamer community. The majority of the admin team already have very busy lives so cannot commit to anything of that nature. That being said, we do try to support streamers the best we can so class ourselves as a streamer-friendly community; we have to be with the admin team all being streamers.

New Streamers

Head to the “add-role” channel and give yourself the streamer role (-add role streamer) and then add the platform(s) you stream on. This lets everyone in the community know where you stream.

Stream Chat

We try to keep conversations about streaming to the “streamer-chat” channel due to the nature of the community. We have members who have no interest in streaming so we don’t want to alienate them from conversations. We understand that streaming does slip in to conversations now and again but for full-blown streaming conversations please hit that specific channel.

Now Streaming

This channel welcomes your live stream posts but please, only one per stream – spamming your link will get it deleted and your perk revoked. The admin team are the only members who have the auto-post ability (we need some perks of managing the community) so if you don’t share your link then people won’t know you’re live.
Also note, just because you post you’re live the community doesn’t have to come to watch you. It’s there in case they want to and obviously, the more you interact with the community the higher the chance the community will come check you out. Again, we’re not a streaming community.

Using GGG as your base Discord

Because of our kind-hearted nature, we decided to open up the community to all streamers who wish to use it. We understand that for some people, running their own Discord is a lot of work – this is how GGG originally formed! So, if you’d like to use this community as your stream community base then you are more than welcome to. There are Community Live voice channels, for this reason, so you can have a voice channel to chat with your viewers. Simply grab a link to the Discord (make sure it’s set to not expire) and use it to invite your viewers here; add it to your panels or chatbot – we are working on getting a panel image set up so you can use that once it’s ready (it’ll be below).


A little more info and FAQs
Q: Can I get the Streamer role?
A: Any member can have the Streamer role, just add it to yourself over on the “add-role” channel.
Q: Will you follow me back?
A: We’re not a follow4follow (F4F) community. People will follow you if they like your content and feel you’re worth following. Take part in conversations, visit other people’s streams and be a nice person then you might have community members pop you a follow.
Q: I’m missing a role
A: Pop over to #add-role and you can manually add Streamer, DLive Streamer, Facebook Streamer, Mixer Streamer, Twitch Streamer and YouTube Streamer roles. Any other roles then you need to contact an admin member.