Meet The 42’s

The 42’s are a small gaming community made up mostly of streamers, we have a few extremely supportive non-streamers who help out with the community.

The leaders of the community have their own separate pages so make sure you check out Chammy, TheZugg and MrTogatsu too.

The 42’s


Andy is a UK streamer who primarily streams World of Warcraft, and the leader of his own guild (Aut Vincere Aut Mori – Dreanor Horde). When he has some WoW downtime he likes to mix it up a little with other games.


Luneya is a variety streamer from the Netherlands who mostly streams in English. She enjoys indie, horror and puzzle games with the odd RPG thrown in when she feels like it.


Jai is a UK variety streamer who enjoys a diverse selection of games. Anything from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and EVE Online to retro games like Sonic the Hedgehog and simulators like Frostpunk.


Tom is a UK streamer who mostly plays World of Warcraft. Previously a member of the hardcore raiding scene, he now enjoys a much more relaxed style of gameplay; only hitting those raids twice a week.


Hibbie is a variety streamer who hails all the way from South Carolina and has been gaming since the SNES was still a new thing. Today he still enjoys a bit of retro as well as a selection of more recent games.


Turts is a Texan variety streamer who loves a bit of Mario Kart on the Switch, and she’s pretty good. You can often find her kicking arse on Overwatch or spending time a little more chilled on The Sims 4.

Honorary 42’s

The title of “Honorary 42” is given to members of the community who go above and beyond what is expected. They don’t stream, or previously did, but they support in other ways such as moderation of the Discord and channels.

Virtual Wombat

Wombat is the husband of Chammy and an ex-Twitch streamer. After dabbling in streaming for a few months he decided that he wanted to go back into education, as well as working full-time, so something had to give. He can now be found in the Community Discord as the Head of Science & Stuff.


Romeo is a super mod! He mods more Twitch channels than I’ve had hot dinners and he’s fantastic at it. Not only does he mod most of the 42’s channels but he’s extremely vital to the community Discord.


Like Wombat, Crab decided streaming just wasn’t for him and he prefers just to kick back and relax while playing games. He’s currently a moderator of the Discord.


A ray of sunshine and support, Emily brings a smile to everyone’s face. She’s a moderator of the Discord as well as multiple channels and brings a lot of fun to community games night.


Itzy is the better half of Woody_87, she doesn’t stream but she’s a huge support to the 42’s community. Helping with graphics, charity events and supplying Woody with alcohol so we can all have a good giggle. She was our first Honorary 42 outside of the admin team circle.

Become A 42

If you’re interested in joining the 42 streaming community then hope into the Gaming Guide To The Galaxy’s Discord and head to the application channel to apply.