Hi, I’m Mr Togatsu!

Hi all! I’m MrTogatsu, MrT, Tog, Toggy, oi! You name it I’ll respond.

I’m a streamer from the UK I’ll stream strategy, building and space things mainly. I will, however, look at other things here and there you never know what you’re missing! I started streaming since the start of October 2017, I’ve spent a lot of the early months buying parts to bring my stream uptown scratch.

I’m a husband and a father of two. One girl, one boy, whom I will make gamers! I swear! I need others in my immediate life who like games! I work in IT so I like nerdy geeky cool things and I’m a heavy user of linux, windows is always there lurking for exclusive games however.

If you want to keep in contact then follow me on the social media channels below.

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Working full-time as well as having a family can leave me with little time for anything else but I do try to stream the following times each week, all UK times:

Monday: 10pm – 12am

Wednesday: 10pm – 12am

Thursday: 10pm – 12am

Saturday: 10pm – 12am