The History of the Gaming Guide to the Galaxy

So, how did it all begin? Let us tell you a story…

Originally, the discord was a World of Warcraft guild Discord set up for the guild Chammy ran back when she played WoW but before she streamed. After she started streaming she made the decision to convert the Discord into a streaming community for her channel because WoW was at that point between expansions where no-one was playing it.

Not long after, VirtualWombat started his streaming journey so rather than have two separate servers (for a married couple) it became a joint community for the two of them. Several months later and after getting close to a few fellow streamers, they, along with MrTogatsu (and a couple of others who no longer stream) all agreed to merge into one mega community and thus, Gaming Guide to the Galaxy was born!!!

Our Mission

To boldly go where no community has gone before…straight into our Memes Camel, yes Camel – don’t ask!

Seriously, we’re a friendly, inclusive group of crazy peoples who all love gaming. Heck, if you don’t love gaming you’re welcome to join us. We have a channel for every occasion and the conversation never seems to stop, which is down to us having members across the globe.

We’re not a streaming community but we are streamer-friendly with roles and channels dedicated to our community streamers. We have viewers, gamers, streamers and people who just want to make friends.

Why The Name?

Why not? We’re all a bunch of nerds and what is nerdier than The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? We were sat throwing names around one evening and this one stuck, it’s not too specific but still gives an idea of what we’re all about.

Join Us

Think we’re for you? Then come on in – hit the Discord link to directly join us there and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!