Etiquette That ALL Streamers Should Follow

Streaming is a lot of fun and for many, a great way to either earn some hobby money or an actual income. Growing your channel and audience is a must for any streamer who wants to make money or just reach more people but some streamers seem to forget their manners while doing it! Here are a few tips regarding etiquette that all streamers should follow.

Etiquette That ALL Streamers Should Follow

Now, I’m not saying you WILL see growth from following these tips, what I’m saying is that it might help and it will certainly make Twitch a friendlier place.

In Your Stream

Many people start streaming because they love the game and see it as a way to get others involved and for others, it’s all about the community. Whether you put the game first or the community first, if you want people to keep coming back then following these in-stream tips is a must.

Talk to chat

Take a minute or so on a regular basis to talk to your viewers. It’s completely understandable that you might get lost in the game or be at a crucial moment that requires your attention so at least acknowledge your chatters and say something like “Wow, this is needing all my attention, I’ll respond to you all in just a moment”…then take the time to respond to them as soon as you can.

If your game doesn’t require 100% focus then make sure you look at your chat as much as you can. Answer questions, ask questions such as how their day has been and engage. For many viewers, this is what keeps them coming back to you.

React to events

You might not have fancy alerts set up so they go off on your stream, especially if you’re a console streamer, but having a bot that can alert you and those in your chat to events such as followers, raids and hosts is a great way to engage with people who are showing you some love.

Thanking these people will make them feel appreciated, show their viewers (and yours) that you appreciate them and could easily result in new viewers. NEVER ignore events!!!

Pass on your viewers

Raiding another Twitch streamer at the end of your stream is a great way to help them and you grow. Raiding smaller streamers is a HUGE to them, you could expose them to a few more followers, increase their average views and even result in them hitting affiliate. Raiding larger streamers might be good for you, if they are a good streamer then they’ll thank you and might encourage their viewers to follow you – but depending on the size of the streamer, going too high up might not help at all.

If you’re in a community then raiding another member is always a great way to show support.

Always…ALWAYS raid if you’ve been raided. It’s only fair.

In Other Streams

Building and growing your community rrelyon good etiquette outside of your stream as well as in it. As we all know, visiting other streamers is a great way to network and maybe encourage their viewers to pop over to your channel – maybe even get a shoutout from the streamer. So, here are a few tips to follow while you are supporting other streamers.

Don’t talk about your stream

This is probably the most important one. Unless you are asked either by the streamer or someone in their community then NEVER talk about your stream. It is the number one way to put off the streamer and their community from even giving you a chance. So unless prompted, leave your stream out of it. This is their stream.

Chat with their viewers

Taking some time to chat to their viewers is a great way to build new relationships. Strike up a conversation with them, ask them about their day and treat them the way you’d treat your viewers.

Also, welcome viewers and react to events such as a raid or follow. Those new viewers might just go see who you are.

Drop a lurk

You don’t have to hang around for long, let the streamer know you’re dropping them a lurk because of whatever reason. Then make sure your volume on their stream is between 1-5% or you mute the tab…NOT THE STREAM! This shows the streamer that you’re happy to support them even if you can’t hang around for a chat. It’s also a great way to support multiple streams without your head exploding due to the noise.

Etiquette That ALL Streamers Should Follow

Away From Twitch

It doesn’t need to be said that you carry your brand and your stream with you wherever you go, so making sure you continue with good etiquette away from Twitch is a must.

Social Media

Nothing stays private on social media, no matter how hard you try to keep it contained. So, if you don’t want it in the public eye then keep it off of social media.

If you’re part of streaming groups then make sure you read the posts before dumping your links, nobody like unwanted link dumping. As an example, someone wants to connect with Fortnite players and tells them to drop their links don’t then drop yours if you’ve never played the game in your life.

Again, support other streamers on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels – hit like, follow, retweet etc because you never know what might come of it.


Events such as TwitchCon are a great way to network and be seen by fellow streamers but remember to listen to them just as much, if not more, than talking about yourself.

Open up a conversation with “Hey, I’m [insert name] from [insert stream name] and you are?” that way they know who you are and where to find you but you’ve also given them the floor to start talking about them.

And Ultimately…

Just be nice, friendly and polite. These traits go a long way and define you as a person.

If you have any other tips for how streamers should act then feel free to leave them below, or if you disagree with any of mine then let me know why.

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